Emergency Dentist in Pemulwuy & Greystanes

Toongabbie Family Dental is your go-to for all your dental healthcare needs.
We specialize in dealing with emergency dental cases and provide extensive treatments for the same.
As an emergency dentist in
Pemulwuy & Greystanes, we urge our patients to get their dental treatments done as soon as possible to avoid adverse consequences.

Certain emergencies like facial swelling due to a dental infection, and continuous bleeding in gum can prove to be life-threatening, hence, we offer emergency help and treatments in such cases.

Other dental emergencies would include:

  • Pus coming around your teeth/gum
  • Toothache
  • Broken tooth
  • Broken/Lost Filling
  • Bleeding after Extraction
  • Dry Socket/ Severe pain after extraction
  • Broken Denture
  • Lost Crown/Veneer

We are known for offering comfortable dental treatments, which are affordable at the same time. We also provide preventive and restorative dentistry services, along with other services such as teeth whitening, children dentistry, and crowns/bridges, fabrication of dentures.

As your local family dentist, we ensure that your family’s dental health is looked after and you don’t suffer from any severe dental infections.

Especially, for children, it is very difficult to be able to bear the pain of a decaying tooth/gum, hence we offer them specialized holistic solutions which include offering diet advice, restorations of cavities, doing regular dental checkups, extractions of teeth that cannot be restored, etc.

Hence, with us, you are in safe hands as we utilize our years of experience and knowledge to treat you with the best quality and latest equipment. Therefore, that is the reason we are known as the best emergency dentist Pemulwuy & Greystanes.